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Bit of fun - plotograph

Started by LandyVlad, 28 Sep, 2021, 05:40 AM

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A "plotograph" is when you take a still photograph, and animate the elements in it.

I did this purely as a learning exercise in Resolve.

Took a photo of the paintings my sister and niece did  - and animated the niece's !

It's constructed in fusion and involves masking and stretching portions of the image, the track is then copied and put as a new layer several times, cut up and in/out fades set.

Unfortunately it's not as simple as selecting a waterfall and changing a few values :)

If I were to play with the various fade ins and outs and timings it would be possible to get it better, but this is my first effort and it also wasn't required to achieve perfection in this use case.
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