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21 Jul, 2024, 05:06 PM

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Video ideas for you

Started by YT Yak, 13 Jul, 2022, 04:33 AM

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YT Yak

Here are a bunch of ideas / topics for videos.
Hopefully will help you on those days you need to trigger some inspiration.

There may be some duplication in the below list as its sourced from various places on the net.

Create Opinion Videos
Explain technology, computers, computer hardware, testing, OS etc
Review a Product
Journalism / news in depth
Expose fake news
Interview Someone (ordinary person - everyone has at least one interesting story, witness to historical event, experts and professionals..)
Transformation video
Gadget reviews
Make a documentary
Expected vs reality videos
The truth that no one will tell you about XYZ product
Respond to Someone's Opinion Video
Showcase budget-friendly options
Give Tutorials
Tour of your room, studio, shop, garage, farm
Have a Q&A Session
React to a Trending Video
Create a Parody Video
Make a Biography video (of a famous person)
Host a Giveaway Contest
Participate in a Challenge
Give a Studio/Room Tour
Show off Your Collections
Shopping haul video
What's on My Phone? (i.e. must use apps etc)
What's in My Bag? Purse? Wallet, Suitcase, pockets...
A Day in the Life of...
Create a Comedy Short
Make List Videos  'Top 10...'
Record Your First Impression  (i.e. mini review or even based on a press release of a product)
Discuss Your Career
Discuss Your Hobbies
Do a 30-Day Challenge
Do a Throwback
Create a Myth-Busting Video
The History of...
Discuss Niche-Relevant News
Product Comparison video
Preview a Product
Provide Little-Known Tricks
Puzzles, Mathematics, Science, Physics
Create Animated Explainer Videos
Do Something Outrageous
Document Your Interesting Experiences
Discuss Trending Rumours
Create Comedic Dubs
Give a Tour of Your City
Turn Your Personal Experience into an Educational Video
The Benefits of...
How to Overcome a Challenge
Get Your Viewers to Challenge You
Try Unusual Foods or Drinks for the Very First Time
Attempt to Follow Instructional Videos
Do a Live Stream
A self-introduction video
Vlogs / Motovlog
Share your perspective on things
A day in your life
Talk about your path to success.
Record your reaction to different incidents
Share your music playlist.
Showcase your morning routine.
Favourites list (books, movies, tv shows, YT channels, fprums etc)
Trying activities for the first time. (bungee jumping, horse riding etc)
Completing the bucket list videos (make a series)
Reacting to your first video (an idea for say reaching a significant subscriber milestone. Ideally the older the original video the better).
Compilation videos (Like a boss, Meme videos, Movie clips, Funny clips, Dashcam, CCTV, Sports, cute babies, cute / funny pets, Interesting facts, 'Top 10 lists', Oddly satisfying videos, Fails, Did you know?)  Careful: Compilation video creation risks copyright infringement issues, ytu to ensure use of copyright-free material.
Short Films / storytelling
Time-lapse videos
Interviews & Discussions
Explainer videos
ASMR Videos (Make sure you knwo what ASMR is, before youlabel somethign as ASMR or attempt to make an ASMR video).
Weird experiments
Prank videos
Cooking videos
Destroying things videos
'What if' videos / alternate reality
Lip Sync / Bad Lip Reading (talking videos eg politician speech. celebrities etc are most likely to avoid copyright strikes)
Dance Videos
Tutorial videos (How-to, Skills teaching, DIY Hacks, Fitness, Makeup, Sports, Games, Video making, computer software tutorials, Device-specific tutorials, Magic Tricks, card tricks, tach a professional skill, coding tutorial, finance, real-estate, budgeting, )
Lifestyle Videos (Travel vlogs, Fashion trends, Home tour, Garage tour, Wardrobe tour, What's in your handbag or wallet, Skincare routine, Health and weight loss-related videos, Nail care videos, Videos for specific body types and body features, Lifestyles in different cultures and countries, Celebrity Lifestyles, Random shopping videos, Home decoration, Cleaning and Organization).
Gaming (Gameplay, Reviews, Anticipated Games list, Games hacks, Game Commentary, Live stream gameplay, Interview the epic gamers, Games in real-life videos, Mobile phone/tablet games, Create In-Game Skits, Speedruns, Cut Scenes)
Reviews (Beauty products, Movies, Music Albums, Books, Apps and software, Unboxing videos, Comparing famous products and brands, cars, motorbikes, Food, Online series (streaming), Restaurants, Lifestyle trends)
Music videos  Care re: copyright - best to do your own music. (Music, Lyrics, Mashups, Recreated cover songs, Music war collab, Karaoke, Animated music videos, Sing a cover, Tribute music, Instrument showcase, Custom-built instrument showcase)

sources include:

Feel free to add more below :)

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