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21 Jul, 2024, 03:59 PM

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Odd Resolutions

Started by bonzillesmgames, 07 Mar, 2024, 01:46 PM

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I have started recording gameplays fot YouTube using my phone as the Pc I was using ended up not worth repairing.

Some of the videos are the usual 4.3 or 16.9 but others come out at 1.1 or 3.5.

the question is it it best to convert them to 4.3 or 16.9 and have black bars at the sides or leave them as they are.

Way easier to edit on a Pc but i'll have to make do for the time being.

Any advice really appreciated.


Well, your options are pretty limited.

I have watched movies / shows that were published in 4:3 and converted to 16:9. Now I don't know if they had 16:9 footage to begin with, but they would put the 4:3 footage into the 16:9 and then "adjust it" the best they could from scene to scene. That would take an eternity to do.

But you still could. Put 4:3 into 16:9 - enlarge it enough to fill in the left and right and just go with it. That would cut off a decent amount at the top and bottom.

I am not sure but if I remembered correctly I have watched 4:3 vids on Youtube and as I recall they adjusted to fit the dimensions. Maybe cut one to 1 minute, upload it to youtube and see what Youtube does with it. 

Lastly, if you can do layers in your video editing, just have a static image behind the video filling out the 16:9; then have the 4:3 video over top in the center. The left and right will just have the background image but the 4:3 video will not be cropped while it will be the standard dimension fill for Youtube.
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