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21 Jul, 2024, 04:23 PM

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Reached My Limit

Started by JayZippo, 27 Nov, 2023, 02:12 PM

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Finally reached my limit with Youtube. You can go so far, deal with so much crap but eventually it just wears you down and you just have to concede.

The age gate issue that makes no sense and is broken, the "6" viewers when I had 9 on stream at one time (they said it was to verify they were not robots, WTF cares on a stream / vid that has a max of 40 views?), and now this take away the "advanced features" you have to verify yourself... Really? Despite being an active member for over 15 years, 1600 videos, even a Premium YT member... not to mention the fallout of that verification, my channel is not working correctly.

It was the final straw.

My episodic videos, though I was down to one BECAUSE of Premiere & YT, are done. I don't plan on uploading anything else. Not worth the hassle anymore. Tara Dikoff, SEVEN seasons, going on 7 or 8 years long. Is just DONE. Stops. I should post a quick finale video to put the final nail in the coffin.

I only plan on streaming there because it actually works out for me well. YT is good for my streams and they can keep my streams available in full 60fps 1080p. Happy with that, until I am sure they will **** that up too eventually. Plus  I dislike Twitch A LOT, Mix is weird and I am not sure about any other place to do it, nor should I.

I have a few other places I am starting to use, one I will not mention here, (insert 13 year old kid giggling) I am allowed to have unclothed characters so I am just having a ton of fun with that. The bonus (I said bonus...) I am also learning Resolve and despite its interface, I am getting use to it and liking it. WEEE, the one silver lining in the dark abyss of YT and Adobe.

Yeah, I know. Boo hoo and all that. Just posting for attention (which is fair) but it is more in frustration that has run it's course and now turned into reality.

They are never going to change, and even when they do ONE good thing, they follow up with 5 odd, weird, useless, horrible things. At what point do you keep going. It's the whole "definition of insanity" thing...

Probably means I am not going to post much on this board anymore, though it has been on life support for some time now. I was hoping it would stay afloat.

If I never get to talk with you guys again, have a good one and best of luck to you with YT, you will need it.
Jay Zippo Youtube - Midnight Hollow Paranormal - The World of Legon - Dungeons and Dragons - Fallout 4 and Tara Dikoff - Starfield with Deputy Ranger Deez Nuts

Rhody Seth

You can't say you didn't try.  Your channel appears to have been targeted by the YouTube algorithm as a dissenter and troublemaker.  It's strange but sucky.

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