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21 Jul, 2024, 06:02 PM

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The Scummy Rabbit Hole

Started by JayZippo, 24 Apr, 2023, 10:54 AM

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So I got a copyright strike against me for the Fallout 4 Theme. Been there a hundred times with this theme song and the Skyrim one.

I report them everytime to Bethesda, and I actually got one response a year ago thanking me for bringing it to their attention. So there is that.

I got this over the weekend:

Video title: Fallout 4 Challenge - Rimming Far Harbor Part 3 - We Be Streaming.
Copyrighted content: The melody found in Main Theme (From "Fallout 4")
Claimed by: SUISA_SESAC_CS

This looked very familiar so I looked up the last time they made a claim and it was this:

Video title: Fallout 4 - Pipers New Outfit - We Be Streaming.
Copyrighted content: The melody found in Main Theme (From "Fallout 4")
Claimed by: SUISA_SESAC_CD

You guessed it, they must have multiple "names" to go through as some of them get reported and Youtube does something (who knows what). I would be a little less critical if it was a different song, but it literally is the same exact claim, why would they have a different "claim by" then?

Yeah. To try and get the revenue from unsuspecting creators who don't know any better.

Would love to know if that other "claimed by" was reported and banned in a ways. The system is run by a computer so this would probably be very easy to continue trolling us, with a slightly different name, until Youtube changes their ways.

Frustrating it is, but it is also interesting.
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