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The "suggested" algorithm on youtube

Started by JayZippo, 18 Mar, 2022, 10:56 AM

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So as of late I am getting really crappy suggestions on youtube. But I noticed they are from monster accounts, millions upon millions of subs and views.

Talking with my social media dept, they are pretty damn sure these huge channels are paying Youtube to out them up in their suggested. Now, sure, pay money and they will promote you. But it seems pretty skeezy don't you think?

The reason I really believe it? I see the suggestion. I go to "don't suggest again" option and move on. The next time I log on, there they are again, different video. So I angrily hit "don't suggest again" and off I go. Then yup, you guessed it - they are back again. This has happened with multiple channels multiple times.

Thoughts on paying to be put into the suggested feed? Skeezy or no? Should youtube have a little thing saying "paid suggestion?" or is my R&D dept wrong about this?
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Rhody Seth

I didn't know you could request to not suggest channels.  Although it sounds like it doesn't work very well.

I'm not sure how "skeezy" it is.  I would not be surprised if massive channels pay money to bump them to the top of everyone's feed but YouTube is a huge business and that's the way of things.  I generally don't think about the things that are suggested to me as I'm usually searching or just watching those I'm subscribed to.
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I guess I was just being salty.

There are a couple of channels I followed, still do I guess, that told me they put hundreds of dollars into Youtube every month to keep them advertised. Both of them said they went into the 6 digits the first year and expanded ever since.

Just looked and they have been stagnant as of late, no real growth from what I can remember. But I just assumed it was just advertising, advertising, not buying a spot in a suggested list.

I guess I am not looking at it like I should. I feel like, "this is my suggested" and I dont want them ****ing with it... when in actuality, it is just some algorithm that they can manipulate.

Wonder how much it is to do this?
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Yeah funny you should say this but I've been doing the same, telling YT not to suggest that any more. It seemed to be popping up again and I assumed I was going crazy.
Or crazier perhaps.

Good to know I'm not imagining this.

Why have the feature if it's disregarded for big channels, after all.

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