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How do I return my channels' 2FA to my smartphone after a hacking?

Started by acerthorn, 19 Mar, 2022, 01:24 PM

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My channel got hacked. I eventually worked with Youtube to get it back, but there's still one thing that needs to be done, and Youtube seems to be really slow on the uptake and don't seem to even understand my problem.

Whenever I'm asked to verify who I am, I am given a random number, and am told to tap that number when it appears on my smartphone.

Like so: https://i.postimg.cc/JztCnwHT/A.png

Only problem is ... the number never comes up on my smartphone. The hacker's phone is still linked to my account.

I'm logged into my google account on my current android phone. But for some reason, the verification prompt doesn't show up.

How do I get it to show up, so I can feel truly safe that the hacking has been 100% resolved?
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