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The Idea Many Youtubers Had

Started by JayZippo, 23 Jun, 2022, 11:26 AM

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This place quieted down quite a bit.

Guess I will try and get it moving again.

So the idea many youtubers had was the following:

When Youtube has a strike ready for a channel allow them to remedy the situation. If it is a hardcore porn video... well no. give them a strike. But if you have, I don't know, a funny bit where a cucumber is being mistaken for something else in a pg-13 kind of way... say:

Dear Youtuber,

We have unpublished your video.

In your video "many uses for cucumbers" at the 4:10 - 4:22 mark there is a bit about cucumbers and it references the usage of dirty things... unclogging a pipe? entering the manhole? etc. You have the following options. Please respond in 72 hours.

- edit out this portion of the video.
- blur out this portion of the video.
- delete the video all together.

Above will avoid any possible strike against your channel.

- fight the strike.

If you lose the appeal, you will get a strike on your channel.

blah blah blha.

This is how it should be done, but probably will never be.
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Rhody Seth

I agree, that seems like a sensible approach.  Let the creator edit the video in a way that can simplly bleep or delete the offending section.
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YouTube seem to be targeting the wrong videos for deletion...

This one is interesting (I saw the original video and couldn't believe it was flagged by YT)

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