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06 Dec, 2023, 08:09 AM

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Using Divinci Resolve

Started by JayZippo, 28 Mar, 2023, 11:17 AM

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Well, odd title for the post because I only used it for 2-3 hours. Probably never again unless I have a serious contrast or color issue or just need to rerender something.

Here is a quick review of the program (free version) so you know what I am working with:

3080 RTX

It is very powerful. Scrubbing the videos it barely stuttered, for the most part it was in full resolution too. When I finished with the small section I rendered it and it took more time for me to get my cup of coffee, put some cream in it and walk back to my desk for it to render full 1080HD. Impressive.

The coloring and lighting options are fantastic. They are a bit uncontrolled but they are very powerful and do the job nicely. What I mean by uncontrolled is that it seems like the wild wild west when you get in there. I am sure if I used it more it would be better, but for now, 3 hours in... it is a bit of a mess.

It's free, or if you want all the extras it is only 300 bucks. That is a deal and a half. If they ever have a black friday cyber monday sale on it I would strongly consider buying it.

The free version is missing a bunch of things, so to get the full effect you have to buy it. You could still make simple cut and splice videos just fine. But no 30 day trial or anything either. Yes 300 bucks is cheap for a program like this, but still...

The controls and interface, well was designed or put together by a blind man high on crack. It's really bad. 3 hours in I could not get into a groove or feel a pattern of button locations or anything. Location of certain things, button functions was asinine, keyboard shortcuts were all but useless and the streamline of things to do made no sense. Fusion? no we dont need that. The way to edit the timeline is a button drop down and not readily available if you swap screens a few times.

Until they decide to make the interface something worth while, I don't plan on leaving Premiere anytime soon. I just have a hard time beleiving there is someone out there that thinks that is a good interface?

Just a quick review, take it or leave it.


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