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24 Jun, 2024, 12:17 AM

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YouTube getting worse

Started by bonzillesgames, 14 Jan, 2023, 07:32 AM

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I don't know if YouTube are trying to make their platform as annoying as possible and completely user unfriendly but I noticed a few things have happened over the last few weeks that I find really annoying.


my subscription menu has turned in to a total mess I way prefer to see them in alphabetical order as it's way easier to find a channel but for some reason the order is so stupid now wrestlelamia is up the top followed by ashen's then it's whatcultculture and nostagia nerd's next.
Trouble is I can not find a way to alter the side menu.


for some reason I haven't been getting notified about new comments on my videos as I found out all notifications have been atomaticaly turned off which I really do not remember doing so going to have to try and catch up and answer weeks of comments.



Not surprised. They also have implemented a censor system the last few months. Luckily for the lowly people, it doesn't effect us as much, but they did this without any announcement. People just had their videos demonetized without warning or explanation. 2-3 weeks alter they finally tell people they updated their terms.

It's never going to stop. They are run by a bunch of shady ass people who have absolutely zero connection with their community. When was the last time they updated the platform and we were like, wow, that was nice. cool.

I don't remember, maybe when they pulled the 10 minute limit? Or shitcanned the already horrible google plus integration?

There is no alternative, not to the scale they offer. So we are stuck with a billion dollar company run by a thousand dollar management team.
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Quotea billion dollar company run by a thousand dollar management team.

haha well said!
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