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24 Jun, 2024, 12:12 AM

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Embedded YouTube Videos = Views

Started by bonzillesgames, 25 Jan, 2023, 04:38 PM

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Just wondering if viewers watching an an embedded video counts as views as a lot of my gameplays get posted on various other sites.

Also do views from non subscribers count as views ?


I want to say yes. But it's tricky.

Don't quote me on this.

If you are surfing, go to a site, and it has an embedded youtube video. You click to watch it, its a view.


If you are surfing and are NOT logged into google / youtube, that could be a different story. Only because if they didn't limit it to people who are signed in, anyone could farm views, just have 100 tabs opened playing the same video over and over again. - that is what you call a view farm that was very popular about a decade ago or so to get views.

Not 100% sure if that is correct. but It does make sense.
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You don't have to be logged in to youtube to have your views count toward the channel vie totals.

I think view farming is largely addressed via IP checks etc.
Plus they ( gather) get suspicious if huge increase in views but no change in other metrics -  likes, subs, comments etc.
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